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First and only one french manufacturer of metal conveyor belts

The only French manufacturer
of metal conveyor belts

spiral belts
eyelink belts
wire mesh belts
honeycomb belts
plate belts

the metal belt expert for over 100 years

Specialist in the production and distribution of conveyor belts

Specialised in the production and distribution of conveyor belts, TISSMETAL has perpetuated its know-how in France. Close to its customers, its team listens to them and travels to take care of their problems by responding with the expected and reliable technical solution.

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A sustainable and scalable technology

Mastered through education and development

TISSMETAL is committed to maintaining the know-how of its employees in France. It thus responds to the proximity and reactivity that the company owes to its historical and new customers. With its short and accessible structure, it is positioned to develop a range of custom-made mesh mats and standard or technically advanced and reliable solutions.TISSMETAL is active in export and large-scale export for all its production and relies on an experienced team for document management. Now based in Hauts-de-France, its new workshop is dedicated to production for manufacturers or aftermarket users.


industrial applications

A wide and flexible range of products for almost all specialities

The diversity of our production means that we can technically meet the needs of almost all applications in most industrial markets. From food processing to metalworking, mesh belts can be used in demanding processes with low to very high loads and very low to very high temperatures.

The mastery of a wide range of assembly techniques guarantees a complete offer in the fields of washing, cooking, cooling, draining, drying, heat treatment or even simple transfer of articles

food industry

Metal belts meet the requirements of food contact. Cleanable and responding to all temperature and transparency conditions, they are suitable for many applications in the food industry.

Glass and Chrystal

Metal belts is commonly used in heat transfer and for heat treatment to stabilise glassware or tableware. The good flatness of the mesh facilitates the transport of heavy to very small items, on very wide and long belt.

Metallurgy / Mechanics

Different wire assemblies are used for heavy transport, hot or in difficult environmental conditions. the hard steels used meet the wear and abrasion requirements of the metallurgy industry.

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Specific models adapted to the needs of the products to be transported

Whether it is for handling heavy or light loads, for fields of application from food processing to metallurgy, via the glass industry, spiral or welded belts provide the technical solutions required. The wide range of assemblies and materials, such as stainless steel or refractory, allow us to meet the needs of extremely diverse applications. You will find some examples below:

Metal belts for food industry
Metal belts for chocolate industrie
Metal belts for glass industrie
Metal belts for freezing industrie
Metal belts for coating industrie
Metal belts for metallurgy industrie
convoyor belts for confectionery industrie
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Metal mesh for architectural applications

architectural applications

Draperies, decorative meshes and protections for building cladding

Mesh is also particularly suitable for architectural and decorative applications. TISSMETAL has dedicated a team to this market which requires different skills and technical approaches.

Find all our know-how in the treatment of metal mesh for design and architecture on the MC&I website.

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Useful information and documents by belt family

Help with measurements, assembly advice... you will find all the technical documents specific to our products in this section.

Technical datasheets

with help for taking dimensions

Technical supports

and recommendations


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the metal belt expert for over 100 years

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